21 Insane HIIT Challenge – Body weight Only High Intensity

Accelerate your heart rate and burn as many calories as possible with these 21 simple body weight HIIT exercises! See your body become stronger right before your eyes by doing these exercises everyday!

21 Best Bodyweight HIIT Exercises

1 Pushup with Donkey Butt Kicks
2.Double Lunge Jump Lunge
3.Single Arm Burpee Tuck Jump
4.Double Tap Spider-Man Climber
5.Double Pushup In & Outs
6.Fwd & Backward Squat Jump Sprawl
7.Frogger Step Jump Back
8.Pushup Jacks
9.Russian Toe Tap Squats
10.Walk Out Burpee
11.Side Plank Toe Tap
12.Multi Directional Hand Walk
13.Jump Lunge Jacks
14.Single Leg Hand Release Push-up
15.Single to Double In & Out Abs
16.Dolphin Pike Burpee
17.Pike Pushup to Bear Pushup
18.Squat Hop Burpee to Ankle Tap
19.Pogo Stick to Drop Squat
20.Plank Step Out to Jack
21.Ninja Burpee

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